Sibelco Australia is proud to be partnering with the Straddie community through creation of the Straddie Sand Mining Benefit Fund.

The Straddie fund and Advisory Board will formalise the process around the granting of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of initiatives sponsored by Sibelco Australia each year. The Fund will be established as the first outcome of the Straddie Community Forum held by Sibelco Australia to hear residents’ views on the Island’s future. Click here to view the Straddie Community Forum: Report to the North Stradbroke Island Community.

A clear priority for residents who attended the Forum was building a sustainable Straddie and a viable lifestyle for future generations.

Sibelco Australia believes establishing the Straddie fund is the best way to realise this vision.

A message from Campbell Jones

Since the 1950s, sand mining on NSI has underpinned the strong community and prosperity we see today. We believe there is an economically sound, environmentally and socially responsible means of achieving a sustainable future for NSI for years to come.

Results from a recent independent opinion poll show 84% of Straddie residents support a continuation of sand mining on NSI and do not want an early shut down of mining on the island.

This website presents our vision for a sustainable and realistic solution to ceasing sand mining on NSI.

You can also find out more about our Sibelco Mineral Sands mining operations, our industry-leading environmental rehabilitation practices and our commitment to building a strong and sustainable community through this website.

Please take the time to see how our vision for a Sustainable Stradbroke includes the development of new industries to co-exist alongside sandmining which will assist in securing the long-term future for NSI and its community.

We encourage your feedback and invite you to use the 'Questions and Comments' link to contact us.


Campbell Jones, CEO of Sibelco AustraliaParenthesis