About Sibelco Australia

Sibelco Australia (formerly Unimin) is part of the Sibelco Group – a global industrial minerals and mining company. The company was founded as SCR – Sibelco NV in Belgium in 1872. The Sibelco Group supplies advanced industrial minerals for a diverse range of applications throughout the world including glass, ceramics, construction and engineering, metallurgy and casting, oil and gas recovery, and environmental protection.

Sibelco products form the starting point of things we all use every day. To find out more about the Sibelco Group please visit www.sibelco.com.au 

Sibelco Australia's mineral sands operations have a key role on the world minerals stage. We currently have sand mining operations on North Stradbroke Island (NSI) and a mineral processing plant at Pinkenba in Brisbane.

We operate the longest continuously operating sand mining operation in Queensland, dredging around 50 million tonnes of sand per year. We are a major player on the world minerals stage, producing around 70 000 tonnes of rutile, 50 000 tonnes of zircon and 150 000 tonnes of ilmenite each year for export to over 33 countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

Our products are used in a wide range of everyday items including confectionery, toothpaste, sunscreens, ceramics, plastics, and smart technologies such as pacemakers, medical implants, wildlife tracking devices, computer screens and racing bikes.

The company's small silica sand operation produces high quality silica which is used in glass applications including glass for bottles and windscreens, plasma TV screens and solar panels. Customers include the local glass plant at West End and overseas customers.

At Sibelco Australia, we are proud of our internationally renowned environmental management processes. We deliver innovative and progressive rehabilitation of native vegetation and ecosystems on NSI’s high sand dunes. We are committed to returning the areas we mine to self sustaining native ecosystems which will become a long term asset to the NSI and broader communities.

We create many employment opportunities in the communities in which we operate. Sibelco Australia’s NSI operations deliver  $130 million annually to the Queensland economy with contributions to NSI Gross Regional Production (GRP) of approximately 26% (Synergies Report 2010).

We believe mining operations can continue to co-exist on NSI into the future. Together with the people of NSI, Sibelco Australia will continue to build a strong community, deliver industry-leading environmental rehabilitation and support the economy through jobs and services.

Sibelco Australia have detailed our vision for a Sustainable Stradbroke to the Queensland Government and the community. Our vision provides an economically sound, environmentally and socially responsible means of achieving a sustainable future for NSI.

Sibelco Australia is committed to continuing to support a sustainable economy, a sustainable community and a sustainable environment on NSI.

Click here to find out more about our vision for a Sustainable Stradbroke.

History of Sibelco


ACI commences mining operation on North Stradbroke Island (NSI)

Barges commence transporting minerals from NSI

Power brought to NSI for mining operations


Consolidated Rutile Limited (CRL) commence operations on NSI


CRL commissions its first dredge and concentrator to mine the Bayside orebody on the west coast of NSI (CRL’s first use of this wet mining method)


CRL successfully campaigns to government alongside community groups to prevent a bridge being built to the island


CRL commences mining operations on a second orebody called Gordon at the southern end of the island


CRL sets up a vegetation monitoring program using pre-mining and post-mining transects. Data collected includes frequency counts and cover estimates. The main objective was to provide a guide as to whether rehabilitation would meet required standards and to assess the long term development of vegetation towards a self-sustaining system


CRL’s nursery for native seedlings receives National accreditation


CRL relocates dredging and concentrator equipment from the Bayside Mine to the Ibis orebody at the southern end of the island


Australian mining company Iluka Resources Limited acquires majority interest in CRL


Gordon mine relocates to the Yarraman orebody at the northern end of the island


CRL establishes Oxleyan Pygmy Perch research and breeding program


CRL contributes $300,000 to the redevelopment of the University of Queensland Moreton Bay Research Station at Dunwich


CRL establishes Koala Tracking Program


CRL commences sponsorship of the University of Queensland's Dugong research in Moreton Bay


CRL discovers the Glossy Black Cockatoo during pre-mine studies and develops an extensive management and conservation plan on the island


CRL develops Ibis Canal to avoid impact on lagoons in the area


Commissioning of Enterprise mine operations


CRL establishes Environmental Working Group


CRL wins the Queensland Government’s Environment Protection Agency Sustainability Award for Resource Industries for rehabilitation processes and criteria


Australian minerals mining company Unimin Australia Limited acquires majority interest in CRL


Unimin contributes $100,000 to the new One Mile Emergency Pontoon


Unimin Australia changes name to Sibelco Australia